The 2020 Voter Guide: Runoff Supplement Is Here!

Hi Everyone, 

Our December 5th Run Off Voter Guide is officially here!

The introduction to this guide serves as a perfect update for the week, so we’ll give you a sneak peak here: “And then there were a few. We need not re-hash in this space the many exhausting frustrations of the year 2020 itself, let alone its seemingly interminable election cycle. Instead we can only offer the comforting reminder that this particular phase of the ordeal will soon reach its conclusion. And then we will breathe. For a moment, anyway, before it is time to get back to building the better world we want to see. It may not feel like it now but the work you have put in this year, however small or large, will help us get to where we need to be. For members of New Orleans DSA, it’s pretty easy to find a few highlights. Our national organization just recruited more than 12,000 members in six weeks, and our chapter was one of the top recruiters.

In the weeks since, our “No on 2” coalition campaign to save the libraries has brought in dozens of new organizers. It’s not just numbers we need, although we do need them, it’s also the political development that happens when someone actually gets to be a part of democracy for the first time (and no, we don’t mean just voting in municipal elections). Our new members are learning about how to target which voters to canvass, how to persuade a friend to get involved, and the complex relationships, obscure to many, that divide a winning campaign from a loss. It’s natural for novice organizers to stumble or feel humbled by first steps into seizing collective power.

With every season, we gain more people, more insight, and more paths to a better world. But before that, there are a few matters to wrap up. And so it is time again to focus. Runoff elections have lower turnouts than other races, which often makes it easier for incumbents and political insiders to win. But, that also means, it only takes a little motivation and organizing to mount up and push back. In the December runoffs, voters have a chance to push back against the establishment powers that keep us down. Our mayor, along with corporations that seek profit and control at the cost of public well-being, have shown us their intentions on this ballot. They want to slow down changes to our criminal punishment system.They want to keep corporate-controlled charter-friendly candidates on school boards. They want to cut funding for valuable public institutions and hand it over to charlatans and gentrifiers. They want to halt our state’s movement towards alternative energy. We don’t have to let them get away with that. We urge you to vote in this election, to pick a reformer for DA, to preserve funding for our libraries, to elect a Public Service Commissioner who will help us move to greener energy, and to vote for school board candidates who will fight for our communities.” 

Our campaigns, such as our fight to save the library, exist through the effort of our membership. There are so many ways to plug in to our work and our decision making process in New Orleans DSA, but one area we are specifically recruiting to at the moment is our communications group. If you’re interested in internal and external chapter communications, like social media, writing, graphic design, or website development – join New Orleans DSA Communications Team! 

Lastly, considering our recent boost in membership, we want to check in to make sure that our General Meeting time is accessible. If you have input, you can fill out this form. 

Solidarity, DSA New Orleans Local Council