2000 New Members in a Week?! #DSA100K

Hi everyone,

Last week, the Democratic Socialists of America launched the DSA100K recruitment drive – an ambitious attempt to recruit 5000 new members in the next 5 weeks. This is the first major recruitment drive our organization has ever run, and it’s going extremely well. In the first week, DSA grew by over 2000 dues-paying members: the fastest period of growth the organization has ever seen. In the past, we’ve seen big membership spikes when big news breaks, like when Alexandria Ocasio Cortez won her primary in New York. This recruitment drive success is even better than that, because this shows us that organizing works: making direct asks of our friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors to join our political project gets results.

Have you signed the 100K pledge yet? You can do so here! Recruit three members to DSA and not only will you build working class power, you’ll get a cool pink hat! Once you’ve signed the pledge, generate your unique join link here. 

The most important tool that the working class has is organization. We’re strong when we fight together. We have to build a durable, mass political organization to wield the kind of power we need to win real change in our society. If you aren’t a dues-paying member of DSA yet, join hereAlso, not to brag, but New Orleans DSA is #3 in the country in recruitment numbers right now. Let’s keep that lead going! 

Lastly, if you speak Spanish and would be interested in helping translate some of our externally facing chapter materials into Spanish, please reach out to hello@dsaneworleans.org! We have also been doing weekly voter registration events, and we’d love to train some more Spanish-speaking volunteers in voter registration.


DSA New Orleans Local Council