2019 Convention

Our Chapter Convention will be held on Saturday, June 22nd, beginning at 1pm at 4035 Washington Ave. in New Orleans. Each year our chapter convenes to elect officers to our Local Council, consider amendments to our bylaws, and consider resolutions that guide our work in the coming year. In short, it is the most important gathering of the year for the Democratic Socialists in our region. Members can weigh in on chapter priorities and exercise their power as members to shape the work of our chapter. This year’s Convention is especially exciting in that we will be considering the first potential electoral endorsement in the history of the chapter. If you are a new member, or haven’t been able to attend meetings in a while, this is a great way to familiarize yourself with how our chapter is structured, and how to get involved in the fight for democratic socialism in New Orleans and beyond. Basic Convention Agenda:

  1. Consideration of amendments and resolutions
  2. Election for delegates to the National DSA Convention in Atlanta, August 2019
  3. Election of Local Council Officers
  4. Adjourn

Location: 4035 Washington Avenue, New Orleans
The building we are holding our Convention in is not our usual meeting spot, so note the location. There is ample parking in the parking lot and the streets surrounding the building. The location is centrally located, wheelchair accessible, and convenient to public transportation. We will provide food, snacks, and child watch in a separate area, children are always welcome at our meetings. If you have accessibility concerns or questions please contact us at hello@dsaneworleans.org or 504-457-8634. This packet contains statements by candidates running for officer positions on the Chapter’s Local Council, its representative leadership body. These positions are as follows:
(2) Co-chairs, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Membership Chair, and (2) At-Large members. We will also elect (5) Convention Delegates, who will represent our chapter at the National DSA Convention.
Elections for officers and national convention delegates will be decided by ranked choice voting. On the ballot, members will indicate their choices in order of preference. The packet also contains a series of amendments and resolutions submitted by members for consideration. It is important that members who attend the Convention familiarize themselves with the language of these proposals to help inform our debate and voting process. If any questions arise in your review, feel free to contact hello@dsaneworleans.org.
Voting: All members who are on record or can demonstrate (via an e-mail from National Office) that they’ve paid dues through June 22nd, 2019 and are in our Chapter’s geographic jurisdiction will have voting privileges on all proposals and elections. If you are not yet a member or have lapsed in your dues, you can join by going to dsausa.org/join. Proxy Voting: Members who are unable to attend on June 22nd may identify another member to serve as their proxy. This member then votes on proposals and in elections according to your preferences. Attending members may hold up to two proxies. The member requesting a proxy must notify hello@dsaneworleans.org by June 20th with the name of another dues/paying member who will serve as their proxy. Members are asked to utilize their networks to identify proxies, but if you are unable to identify another member, please let us know in a note to the above email address and additional arrangements can be made to be sure your votes are cast. Convention Rules: We will conduct the Convention using the latest version of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised. This means that decision-making is done through motions and votes facilitated by a chair. Members who are new to Robert’s Rules of order, never fear, we will provide an overview before we begin the convention. The current Local Council, comprised of chapter officers and committee stewards, have organized the Convention. The chapter co-chairs will chair the Convention proceedings, with the assistance of a parliamentarian who can help resolve procedural questions. An overview of the basics of how we make decisions and consider proposals is provided in this packet, and will be provided at the Convention. All proposals, unless otherwise stipulated in the chapter bylaws, require a 50%+1 vote to pass. Quorum requirements and other procedural language can be reviewed in the chapter bylaws. Members are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with DSA’s Guidelines for Respectful Discussion . See something in a proposal or amendment that you would like to see changed? Amendments to proposals and bylaws amendments will be accepted only in writing, either emailed to hello@dsaneworleans.org or hand delivered to the chair at the beginning of the convention proceedings. No amendments from the floor will be entertained without a vote to suspend the rules. The rules proposed here will be considered and voted upon at the Convention prior to the consideration of business. Post-Convention Social: Following the Convention, we will hold a social in a member’s backyard at 2639 Barracks St. The yard is kid-friendly and food will also be provided. There may even be some Karaoke.