August General Meeting is This Saturday!

Our August General Meeting is this Saturday at 2 PM! This is the most important meeting of each month – the meeting where we put the small ‘d’ in democratic socialism. This is when we bring the whole chapter membership together and make decisions about how to move forward as a chapter. Do you have an idea for a project that the chapter should take on or a campaign that you’d like to see us get involved in? The General Meeting is where those ideas can be discussed and voted on by the whole membership. Email to submit a proposal or to find out more information about how to do so! 

At this month’s General Meeting, we will elect a delegate to the Green New Deal Strategy Summit, discuss how to structure our chapter’s abolition work, and consider other proposals being submitted by members like yourself! Join us – register for the call here!

Are you a teacher or a parent? Or are you concerned about ensuring a safe return to school for the teachers, parents, and students in your life? We are hosting a Safe Schools Panel with teachers from Jefferson Parish on Monday the 17th @ 7 PM. Join the call to get connected with other teachers and parents in our chapter and beyond!

Also, the DSA Municipal Action Committee has begun our work on a voter guide for the coming November elections, but we need more researchers, especially those with knowledge of Plaquemines, St. Bernard and Jefferson parishes, and local school or judicial systems. That being said, you do not need any experience or special knowledge to help with this project, it’s a collaborative effort between a group of people. To join the project, please fill out this form and we will get back to you. Our next Zoom meeting will be 8/27, and you can register for that call here (password: MAC). 

Lastly, on Wednesday the 19th at 10:00 AM the Louisiana House and Governmental Affairs Committee will meet to discuss if the threat of coronavirus in November will be enough to warrant an emergency voting plan, and if so what that plan should look like. Mail-in ballots are currently allowed for voters with especially high risks from COVID-19, but not for all residents. State Republicans have blocked past measures to make voting safer. To contact our state government and announce your support for an extended period of early voting and universal mail-in voting, you can email the H & GA Committee at h& and LA Secretary of State Ardoin online here or by phone at 225.922.2880.

See you on Saturday! Register for the General Meeting here.


Local Council
New Orleans DSA

P.S. New to DSA? Check out our chapter’s new member resources here. You can always email with questions about how to get involved or about the work our chapter is doing.