Discourse Digest: Race, Class, & DSA

Discourse Digest is a new monthly web series published by the New Orleans DSA Political Education Committee. Each entry of Discourse Digest highlights a strategic or programmatic question facing DSA and the broader left, and charts arguments and counterarguments.


“The Identity Mistake” by Melissa Naschek; published in Jacobin on August 28, 2018. Read time: 14 minutes.
“Zombie Manifesto” by Asad Haider; published on the Verso blog on September 1, 2018. Read time: 26 minutes.
“Race, Class, and Socialist Strategy” by Jeremy Gong and Eric Blanc; published in The Call on August 30, 2018. Read time: 13 minutes.
“The Mistaken Universalism” by R.L. Stephens; published in The DSA Weekly on September 4, 2018. Read time: 12 minutes.
“Do America’s Socialists Have A Race Problem?” by Miguel Salazar; published in The New Republic on Dec 20, 2018. Read time: 17 minutes.
“Which Side Are You On?” by Adolph Reed Jr.; published in Common Dreams on Dec 23, 2018. Read time: 14 minutes.

Four-part series by Mike McNair; published in The Weekly Worker
— Part I: “Intersectionality Is a Dead End”, June 7, 2018. Read time: 18 minutes.
— Part II: “Race & Class”, June 24, 2018. Read time: 23 minutes.
— Part III: “Mistaken Versions of Maoism”, June 28, 2018. Read time: 23 minutes.
— Part IV: “Getting Beyond Capitalism”, July 5, 2018. Read time: 20 minutes.