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While we celebrate this Carnival season, we must not forget that bombs we fund continue to decimate the land and people of Palestine undeterred. Israel has stated clearly their intentions to ethnically cleanse and occupy the whole of the Gaza Strip and are assaulting the southernmost refugee camp in Rafah, threatening the 1.5 million refugees packed into the 25 sq. mile camp already suffering from starvation, thirst, and infectious disease. Meanwhile, murders and illegal settling by Israelis (military and civilians alike) in the West Bank have dramatically accelerated and civilian groups supported by the IDF block humanitarian aid into Gaza, all with no repercussions.

Read on to learn ways you can help and learn more — none of us in Bulbancha are free until Palestinians are.

TODAY, LUNDI GRAS! KREWE OF CHICKPEA: Gather at 11am, rolls at 12pm

Palestinian-led Krewe of Chickpea brings together a solidarity procession focused on art, music, and culture. Costumes are encouraged to follow a dark blue color palette, with watermelon and orange symbols. Gather at 11am in the Marigny for a 12pm roll at Mandeville & Decatur; parade ends at Elysian Fields & Royal.


Samaher Esmail, a Palestinian U.S. citizen raised in New Orleans, was kidnapped by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) on 2/5/24 in the town of Silwad, which is in the West Bank of Palestine. She has a history of illnesses and is without her medication. Read Masjid Omar’s statement here, sign the petition demanding immediate intervention from the Biden administration, and share this information far and wide. We must demand her immediate release and help bring her home!

Phone Numbers to call:

  • Senator Bill Cassidy: (202) 224-5824
  • Senator John Kennedy: (202) 224-4623
  • Representative Troy Carter: (202) 225-6636
  • State Department Number for US citizens abroad: (202) 647-1512

Script: Hi my name is [NAME] and my area code is [___]. I am calling regarding US citizen Samaher Esmail who was kidnapped by Israeli Defense Forces in the West Bank of Palestine on February 5, 2024. She is without her medication. I am calling for you as our representative to demand her immediate release and to bring her home.


We must also continue to demand justice for the criminal and cruel slaying of Tawfic Abdeljabbar, the 17-year-old Gretna native murdered in the West Bank of Palestine. We must call on our elected officials to take a powerful stance demanding prosecution of his murder, in addition to fighting for the end of the violent occupation so his death (and those of tens of thousands of other Palestinians) is not in vain.

THE GULF COAST MARCH FOR PALESTINE — SUNDAY, February 18th, 11:30am: The Masjid Omar Community presents the Gulf Coast Rally & March for a Free Palestine in partnership with thirty organizations across the Gulf South (including the DSA chapters in New Orleans and Corpus Christi!)

It will feature incredible guest speakers such as Jenan Matari, writer & producer; Linda Sarsour, author & activist; Mohamad Habehh, Director of Community Outreach at American Muslims for Palestine; Nida Abu-Baer, artist & advocate for the Holy Land 5; Muhammad Sankari, organizer with the US Palestinian Community Network; Sherean Murad, local activist; and Reverend Gregory Manning, pastor and climate activist. There will also be a procession led by the Congo Square Preservation Society and NOLA Musicians for Palestine.

It begins at Armstrong Park — Let’s come out Sunday and show the world we will not be silent until there is an end to the occupation!


[Rally/March] BEFORE SUNDAY:
-Banner design
-Banner painting
-Putting flyers up around the city

[Rally/March] SUNDAY:
-Security & marshaling (major need!)
-Post-rally cleanup (great opportunity for those attending the rally but unable to march!)-Holding banner
-Holding flag

-Joining group writing & advocating for the City to pass a ceasefire resolution
-Join the musician or artist groups, Jewish Voice for Peace, NOSHIP, or the Interfaith group
-Aid in organizing the printing of pro-Palestine stickers and buttons
-Aid in organizing poli ed meeting for current and potential DSA endorsees
-Aid in making care packages for unhoused people to distribute to encampments in conjunction with Palestine events
-Participate in community-wide art builds
-Call your electeds about the kidnapping of Samaher Esmail, lack of justice for the murder of Tawfic Abdeljabbar, and demanding their support of a ceasefire.

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Solidarity Forever,

New Orleans Local Council

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