Stop the Folgers Tax Giveaway!

Would you like a $25 million dollar tax break? Sorry, it’s only available to corporations.

New Orleans City Council is poised to approve a multimillion dollar corporate tax cut if we don’t stand up and fight for our community. On Thursday 12/17, City Council will vote to approve what is estimated to be a $25 million property tax break for Folgers Coffee Company in New Orleans East via the infamous Industrial Tax Exemption Program (ITEP). That’s $25M that could go to support libraries, public education, and other much needed public services in our city. How can the City afford giving away $25M in taxes when they just furloughed 4,000+ city employees and are threatening to lay off many workers next year? We’re asking members to call or email your City Councilmembers in the run up to the 12/17 vote to ensure that they vote NO on the corporate tax break. It helps to contact your representative before the vote, because you have a better chance of changing their mind. While public comments at meetings are useful, the best way to get your Councilmember’s attention is with a flood of phone calls and emails.

Every resident of New Orleans is represented by Jason Williams and Helena Moreno. In addition, you have a representative according to which part of the city you live in. Additionally, CM Nguyen may especially need to hear from us as this development is in her district and she is the sponsor of the legislation. You can see the districts here. Phone calls or emails don’t have to be long, so please take a few minutes to call or email all three. At-Large CM Jason Williams 504-658-1060

At-Large CM Helena Moreno 504-658-1070 District A CM Joe Giarrusso 504-658-1010 District B CM Jay Banks 504-658-1020 District C CM Kristin Gisleson Palmer 504-658-1030 District D CM Jared Brossett 504-658-1040 District E CM Cyndi Nguyen 504-658-1050

We’ll remind you next week to submit a public comment online, but we encourage folks to reach out as soon as they can to Councilmembers as they will be making up their mind how to vote on this tax break prior to the day of the vote.

You can read more about Folgers tax breaks here and more about the ITEP program here.

Not sure what to say? First, tell the person who answers the phone your name and address. Tell them you are calling because you want to urge your councilmember to vote no on this $25M tax giveaway to Folgers. You can explain why in your own words: we’re in an unprecedented fiscal crisis; corporations should pay their fair share of taxes; we have more than 4,000 city workers under furloughs and threat of layoffs; our infrastructure is in dire need of investment; it’s time someone took a stand for the regular residents of New Orleans who so often are left out of consideration. That’s it! It’ll take less than two minutes.

Thank you for your attention and dedication. Let’s win this.