Discourse Digest: DSA and Bernie 2020

Discourse Digest is a new monthly web series published by the New Orleans DSA Political Education Committee. Each entry of Discourse Digest highlights a strategic or programmatic question facing DSA and the broader left, and charts arguments and counterarguments comprising the body of discourse.

Aaron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Q: How should DSA orient itself to the US presidential election in 2020? What role, if any, should DSA play in a possible Bernie Sanders campaign?

Part I: Bernie versus the Dem primary field of candidates

“It’s Time for the Left to Unite Behind Bernie 2020” by Briahna Gray; published in In These Times on Oct 2, 2018.
“Think Bernie and Warren are the same? They aren’t” by Bhaskar Sunkara; published in The Guardian on Oct 23, 2018. Read time: 5 minutes.
“12 Theses on the Election” by Leo Casey; published on the DSA North Star Caucus blog on Jan 7, 2019. Read time: 3 minutes.
“It’s Bernie, Bitch” by Amber A’lee Frost; published in The Baffler on Jan 11, 2019. Read time: 10 minutes.

Part II: DSA and Bernie 2020

“NYC-DSA Should Wait on Supporting Sanders 2020” by Charlotte A; published on the NYC-DSA chapter blog on May 16, 2018.
“NYC-DSA Should Plan for a 2020 Sanders Presidential Campaign” by Neil Meyer; published on the NYC-DSA chapter blog on May 16, 2018.
“The Case for Bernie 2020” by Neil Meyer and Ben B; published in The Call on Aug 16, 2018.
“The Inside-Outside Approach to Bernie 2020” by Peter Frase; published in In These Times on Oct 2, 2018.
“Debating ‘The Case for Bernie 2020′” by Charlie Post; published in Socialist Worker on Oct 16, 2018.
“East Bay DSA Should Hit the Ground Running on Bernie 2020” by Meagan Day; published on Medium on November 28, 2018.