This Weekend, We Finished Our 2020 Local Convention!

Hi everyone,

This weekend, our chapter wrapped up our 2020 Local Convention. This year’s Convention was split into two meetings, one for elections, which was completed last month, and one for political resolutions and bylaw amendments, which was this last Saturday. Over the weekend, we tackled a daunting agenda with 19 proposals, each with different solutions for addressing the structure and guiding the political direction of our chapter. This was by far the highest number of proposals we’ve ever considered at Convention. We had great debate and minimal technical difficulties. Well done everyone, and HUGE thanks to our Convention Committee for organizing our first entirely online Convention! 

Full minutes for the Convention meeting will be ready soon, but in the meantime, you can find a list of the proposals we considered and the results of the final votes here. Among other things, we voted to prioritize organizing towards abolition in Orleans and surrounding parishes, formalize our committee and working group structures within the chapter, and implement chapter-wide assessments for developing new projects. We also approved our General Meeting schedule for 2020-2021. Check it out here, and put these dates in your calendar! 

Are you interested in getting involved in making the proposals we passed this weekend a reality? Email to get connected with a New Orleans DSA leader, or come out to one of our upcoming events

What’s next? Join our our next Local Council meeting, on August 3rd at 6:30 (register here). This is the monthly meeting of our chapter’s leadership body, and everyone is welcome to attend these meetings. And put the August General Meeting, which will be on August 22nd at 2 PM, in your calendar today! General Meetings are held monthly. These are the largest meetings of the General Membership (that’s you!) each month, and this is where the entire chapter membership makes collective decisions on how to move forward. If you can only make one meeting a month, a General Meeting is the place to start! 


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P.S. New to DSA? Check out our chapter’s new member resources here. You can always email with questions about how to get involved or about the work our chapter is doing.