An Election & New Year for Labor Standing Committee

By Alec D.

On Wednesday 18th of September 2019, DSA New Orleans Labor Standing Committee (LSC) held its monthly meeting. This was more than a standard meeting as the committee was electing its new leadership for the year ahead. Furthermore, committee members were greeted with pizza and drinks. The meeting was well attended as more than 15 members came out, but we must keep growing to demand better conditions for all the workers of Greater New Orleans. 

We started of the meeting by hearing from attendees about issues or activities within their workplaces. The workplace reports section is the soul of our meetings where members get to reflect on their own work conditions, and receive the support and advice of fellow workers and committed socialists. 

Following this we heard a concise and informational presentation on the new budget process for committees. This presentation transformed into a lively and exciting discussion about the objectives of the Labor Committee for the next nine months. We related these goals to budget needs in an ongoing process to determine a comprehensive committee strategy.

The Labor Committee then discussed the strike of 49,000 UAW members and auto-workers at General Motors, the latest event in the strike-wave taking over the nation. 

We finalized this exceptional meeting by holding a contested election for our new committee co-chairs. The three candidates were Lita F., Morgan D. and our previous interim co-chair Andy N.. Lita and Andy were elected for a one-year term using a ranked choice voting method, Andy will serve as steward for the committee at represent its members on our Local Council (the chapter wide leadership body). 

We congratulate all the candidates and wish the new co-chairs best of luck in serving the Labor Standing Committee to the best of their ability!

Join us at our next meeting on Wednesday October 16th at 6:30pm at 2022 St. Bernard Ave